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True Electric, LLC is a professional and reliable electrical company serving Springdale, MD, and the surrounding areas. As professional electricians, we can provide all your electrical needs, ensuring that one call gets you access to the area's best electrical services with affordable pricing.

Whether you need panel upgrades, electrical repairs, or electrical diagnostics, we can help. Furthermore, we have over ten years of expertise and use top-quality tools to get the job done. We also offer 24-hour electrical services and emergency electrical services for your convenience.

As your trusted electricians, we will ensure your satisfaction with superior work and excellent customer service. If you need residential electrical repairs or commercial electrical repairs, please contact True Electric, LLC today to schedule an appointment!

Panel Upgrades

Panel Upgrades

True Electric, LLC offers panel upgrades to ensure that our clients have access to everything they need from one convenient source. As professional electricians, we guarantee exceptional work...

Electrical Service

Electrical Service

True Electric, LLC provides numerous electrical services for your convenience. When something goes wrong in your electrical system, it is always best to call an expert to handle any electrical...

Safety Updates

Safety Updates

True Electric, LLC offers various safety updates for your electrical systems that will ensure your well-being and satisfaction. We can provide thorough electrical diagnostics to show you what is...

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